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Photo by Stella Sarochinee Chumklom
We are Sandra & Miha – a married couple, who are raw vegan fruitarian since 2013 when we came across knowledge that you can live only by fruit. At that mind-blowing idea, we started questioning everything that we knew and experimenting on our own. This is why our blog is named Fruit journey – it all started with fruit and now we are reaping the fruits of our journey.

Originally from Slovenia (small country in central Europe) where we quit our 9-5 jobs in 2017, sold everything and started exploring this beautiful planet. We are sport lovers and constant learners on our way to spiritual awakening. Every day, we try to be a better person and letting go unsupportive beliefs. 

Is this the right place for you?

You want to know what real health is?

You want to get out of bed with ease without the need for any stimulant (coffee)?
You want to have more FREE TIME – which you save with eating natural fast food – fruit?
You want to learn how to buy cheap and quality fruits (on the market or in the supermarket)?
You want to lose weight and keep it that way without any struggle?
You want to start traveling, but have no idea how to do it?
You want to connect more with yourself?
You want to be more present in the moment?
You want to put mindfulness into practice?
You want to overcome your unsupportive beliefs?

Have you ever tought of?

How can you be satisfied with eating only fruit?
How to start with raw vegan fruitarianism?
Where to buy fruit?
How much it costs being a fruitarian?
Which fruit is in season now?
How to pick the best quality fruit?
How to travel as a fruitarian?
How to be present in a moment and appreciate it?
How to meditate?
How to grow – personally and spiritually?

You are not alone.

We found answers on our fruit journey and we’ve helped many people through our exploring.

Photo by Stella Sarochinee Chumklom

Why are we different from
other raw vegan fruitarian blogs?

The most important thing for us is that we live the way we preach. Many people say one thing and do the opposite. Especially in health coaching. But not us! We stand behind what we say.

We don’t go directly to mentoring you on how to integrate more fruits into your diet and expect you to be disciplined. Instead, we focus on finding your deeper reason WHY. Why do you want more health in your life? Why do you want to lose weight? Why do you want to have more energy? Why do you want to change your life?
Your big enough WHY will keep you away from bad habits with foods, you want to avoid. With our approach, your journey will be simple.

This blog will give you an idea what it’s like to be on the road as a raw vegan fruitarian. We have been traveling to many different countries and we overcame many diverse obstacles. We had many limiting beliefs about raw vegan fruitarian lifestyle while traveling, but we overcame them. Today we successfully maintain this lifestyle wherever in the world we are. Raw vegan fruitarianism is not only a diet. It’s a lifestyle in which we also pay attention to other aspects of health. Following us will help you to get rid of limiting beliefs and enjoy on the road, not going through the same mistakes we did.

We are not sponsored and we will never sell ourselves for something we don’t believe it’s good for us and you – the reader. We will only give advice and tips that we’ve personally experienced and realized they are beneficial. We would like to encourage and help you to become a successful raw vegan fruitarian with ease. And also show you our hacks to maintain it while traveling easily.

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From meat lovers who never tried backpacking
- to fruitarian nomads

Miha never wanted to travel, because he always needed more stuff than Sandra (clothes, shoes, pharmaceuticals,…) and traveling with a lot of luggage is hard. Easier was not to travel. But then our good friend invited us to join him on the trip to Thailand and Cambodia. It was tempting, but how to travel only with a backpack? We couldn’t imagine, but then he asked us: “What do you really need for tropical weather other than shorts, swimsuits, and a few shirts?” He was right. We had no answer what else is really important and off we went – with only 15-20 liters backpack from our high school. And from the first moment on the trip when we experienced new cultures, another day got lost in a jungle and meeting so many new people, we fell in love with traveling. When we returned from that 4 weeks trip – we were already thinking where and when we will go next. We were hooked.

Traveling as a fruitarian is in many ways different. Instead of going to restaurants, we go to markets. Instead of local cuisine, we taste new kind of fruits and many different varieties. There are also other differences, which we would like to show you, so you can prepare in advance. 

Get to know us better

We have different backgrounds and we choose this lifestyle for diverse reasons. 
Our stories have another perspectives.
If you would like to know why we started with this lifestyle and how we did it, click the pictures below.

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