Miha's story

From meat-lover
to a raw vegan fruitarian OVER-NIGHT

My whole life that I remember, especially my 20’s, was a lot of being sick (cold, high fever, headaches) meaning most of the winter time, I was watching snowflakes only through the window from my bed lying with fever. Also when on kiteboarding vacations at 30+°C outside (86°F), I was freezing in bed with a high fever. That meant no kiteboarding for at least a week. In 2012 I started to love sports and became interested in nutrition. Especially in fitness. There is all about proteins, so I became obsessed with high protein diets. A lot of white meat and fish. I was told that this lifestyle is very healthy. No fried food and no fast food. A lot of supplements – vitamins, minerals, amino acids, protein shakes, you name it. Everything needed for muscles and health. But I’ve been struggling to get any muscles because I got sick almost every month. NINE times in one year to be particular. Nine times I couldn’t get out of bed for 1 week because of a high fever. Followed by 1 week for recovery and then 2-4 weeks max of training, then this cycle repeats all over again.  

I love many kinds of sport. That's why I appreciate my high physical readiness.

In 2012 and 2013 I was trying EVERYTHING I knew:

  • all the medicines (pharmaceuticals) – for the immune system, beta glucans
  • natural stuff – Echinacea, royal jelly from bees, special teas, herbs, ginger, reishi mushroom
  • going to doctors, specialists – they didn’t find anything at all, no allergies
  • food supplements (vitamins, minerals, you name it)
I got many different natural herbs, tea, and honey for his 25th birthday (in 2013 - before fruitarianism). All of my siblings knew, that I had only one wish - to be healthy. At that time I celebrated my birthday in my pajama with fever.

My only wish was....

You know the saying when someone is sick, he has only one wish – to be healthy again. I felt the same. Just to be healthy, I was ready to do anything. I felt totally lost and desperate. I saw only one more chance – alternative medicine. So I wanted to start with homeopathy. 

On 15.12.2013 in some village outside of the city, I went to a woman I knew from before. Around 60 years old, half of those years being raw vegan (all I knew about it is that those people are strange, eating only grass. I was judging without any knowledge – but she was looking very nice, young and happy) and she was doing homeopathic pills only for her friends, so I went to her. We talked a little, I told her what my problem is and I asked her for pills to improve my immune system. But sadly, she replied that she can’t do that. I was devastated. Then she suggested me to try eating less meat which I would like to even before, but I didn’t know how.  I didn’t eat any veggies at that time (except potato and some zucchini) so I thought veganism is impossible for me. Even for 6 months being fruitarian, I didn’t eat any veggies. After that, my body slowly started telling me, that I want veggies. That’s when I started enjoying eating them.

Her reply changed – and probably saved – my life: “Than eat only fruit”.

I was like “Whaaaat? How is that even possible to survive?” She gave me the book (which is unfortunately German and only translated to Slovenian and Serbo-Croatian to my knowledge). Other translations got unfortunately blocked by the industry – what doesn’t surprise me.

It was the book from Helmut Wandemaker titled “Willst Du gesund sein? Vergiß den Kochtopf!” The name of the book should be translated somehow like: “Want to be healthy? Get rid of cooking pot!”

My last steak

Just two hours before meeting that lady I ate my last steak. The moment I heard that fruit is a real food, I decided to become a fruitarian at the same moment. Not tomorrow, NOW. My WHY was as big as it could be. 

I started reading the book and information blew my mind. I was shocked at how much we have been fooled by the industry. I started questioning everything.

Struggle started

Being a total beginner I was struggling a lot. This book was my only source of information, but it was written only WHY this is the perfect diet for humans, but I had no idea HOW to put it into practice. So I was eating all the time. Like 15 meals or better-called snacks a day. It was winter, so almost no local fruit in Slovenia. I had to buy it in a supermarket and it was all imported – shitty quality and very expensive.

In the beginning, I didn't know how to start. This was my meals packed for the next day.
Tiny meals for the whole day.

I didn’t have any support. Parents thinking that is only one hit wonder, coworkers were all just doubtfully laughing at me and Sandra was in shock when I told her my decision. At that time she was working in Germany for half a year. I felt I am the only one on the planet eating like that. It was HARD to be alone on this journey. But somehow I got through the first 10 days.

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My worst day as a raw vegan fruitarian

Day 10 on a fruitarian diet was 24.12.2013. It was a Christmas dinner, Sandra came from Germany to be with her family for a few days. We were sitting at a table and everyone, including Sandra, was eating some kind of special Christmass dinner including meat. I wasn’t expecting her to stop eating meat because of me, neither did I force her to do so. Sandra was kindhearted and she prepared some raw vegan dishes from vegetables. I tried that and felt like throwing up. It wasn’t a pleasant experience. There were some laughing and not-so-kind comments about my food. And I missed meat so much. Or at least something cooked. After dinner, I went to a room and cried. I was suffering emotionally. I knew I want to be a fruitarian, but had no clue how.

Raw pumpkin soup for Christmas evening.
Raw spagetti with sauce.
Best part - dessert.

You don’t need to go through that, because now there are so many fruitarians everywhere and with the internet, you can reach all of us. After a few months, I had discovered the fruitarian community in Slovenia, went to some meetings, asking people how they do it. I got recommended to read a book 80/10/10 by Doug Graham.

After that, everything became much easier. I started to learn and understand how to pick quality fruit, what is local and in season and other similar questions.

Sandra joined me!

Two months after me, Sandra became a fruitarian too. She saw that it works miracles on me. I was healthy again. She changed without any problem either (physically) but addiction to cheese, yogurt and other milk products was powerful. More about her, read here.

My spiritual growth

In 2014 Sandra started meditating. Not my thing! But after I realized how much she became a better person. Our relationship also improved, so I wanted to give it a try. Somewhere in 2015, I went to some group meditations. It felt strange to me. Different people, new energy. So I stopped after some sessions, but Sandra continued. 

After around a year, Sandra changed a lot. Our relationship was getting better every moment. I got the feeling it’s not just because of fruit – it was somehow connected to meditations. in 2016 I joined her again on group quantum meditation once a month. No idea what that meant. It was painful for me (physically and emotionally) – laying down for 1,5 hour. But after a few sessions, Sandra told me that has a new boyfriend – NEW ME! I am not so easily annoyed anymore, I don’t yell anymore – I’m not perfect yet, but way better. I became more calm, less stressed. And even that 1,5 hour – slowly – becoming easier. After a year I could say I am a new person. Our relationship really seem like a dream now. It wasn’t like that in the beginning. I was so easily annoyed if Sandra just dropped ONE drop of water. I was pissed for a whole day or sometimes even more. Totally angry at her just because of one single drop of water. I got that from my mother. She is still that way, but she doesn’t want to change. Her choice. I am deeply grateful that Sandra has been so patient with me. And still is. Today, when she reminds me sometimes how I reacted before, I simply cannot accept it as being the truth. I can’t believe that was me. Now we just laugh when someone does some small mistake. Nowadays we are not so easily disturbed in general. Now I meditate every day. Usually in the morning for 10-30 minutes. I am more mindful of everything I do and so grateful for everything that happens to me. Maybe better call it FOR me.

“Life doesn’t happen to you, it happens FOR you.” Jim Carrey 

I meditate now every day. Practice in nature is usually even more intense.

Fast forward to NOW

There is always a learning path – but you can take much easier one. You can use knowledge from other people. You can always ask us for help! On our journey, we helped and inspired many friends to make a change to become a better person than yesterday.

Community helps a lot. Use that! Discover new paths and find what works for you and even what doesn’t. I’m not done with my searching. I know there is something better waiting for me out there. I am sure there is also something for you too. I want to know what is it!

Raw vegan picnic at the park in our home country Slovenia.

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