Sandra's story

From dairy obsession
to a raw vegan fruitarianism

Skin problems

One year before Miha decided to become fruitarian I was still struggling with my acne, pimps and red spots on my face. I was 22 years old and I decided that I had to do something. I was visiting beauty salons while I was 18 years old, but I didn’t see any improvement. I tried all the creams that exist on this planet, to get rid of acne, but nothing helped. The only thing I didn’t try was drugs. I never took any pills to prevent acne, since this was not acceptable to me. I was raised in a family where we took drugs only when it was really unbearable without.
One day I met a guy who had the same problems with his skin as me. He told me that he started experimenting with a diet. He found out that milk was the biggest reason for his acne. He suggested me to stop eating dairy products, to see if it will be any better. The idea of not eating dairy was completely shocking to me. I suddenly realized that I was actually eating dairy in every single meal! I couldn’t imagine living without dairy. But I was so desperate with my appearance that I decided to give it a try.
At first, I literally didn’t know what to eat. I was completely lost. I loved all kinds of dairy spreads and I was obsessed with cheese and yogurt. I put sour cream in almost every sauce I made for lunch. I was drinking fruity yogurt for a snack every day and used natural yogurt for salad dressings. But what to do now? At that time I was also really interested in fitness, so Miha suggested me to go on a high protein low carb diet. It was all about proteins. I read a lot about it and I was convinced that this will also give me better results with building my muscles. I was eating mainly meat and vegetable. I had a collection of 7 different types of oil, which I used for my salad dressings. I was avoiding fruits and bread. At that time I believed fruit makes you fat – yea right. 
I was happy because I saw improvements in my body shape, my skin was becoming nicer and pimps were not so frequent anymore. But I have to admit this diet was pretty strict. I was missing diary a lot and I was not so pleased with eating so much meat. I was never a vegetarian before, but I didn’t really like to eat big amounts of meat. I was always concealing the truth where the meat comes from, but on the other hand, I also thought that being vegan is impossible for me.
Now enough about my frustrations. I only wanted to express my feelings to show you what I have been through and what was my point of view at that time. Maybe you can also relate with me 🙂
I wanted to hide behind make-up all the time because of my appearance.
Acne and pimpls were my nightmare.
Red spots on my cheeks and nose slowly started disappearing after changing a diet.

Changing to a raw vegan fruitarianism

At the time when Miha decided to become a raw vegan fruitarian, I was working as an intern in an architecture studio in Germany. His news shocked me at first. Before that, we both strongly believed in the importance of proteins. I was also avoiding carbs, as mentioned above. And fruit is all about carbs. I was pretty confused. I started reading about raw food and actually, it seemed more logical to me that any other belief I had before. When I read about how our digestion functions and I saw a comparison to other animals, I realized that I never paid attention to this before. All this new information made a lot of sense to me.
As I said. The begging was pretty dramatical for me. I had to unlearn a lot. A lot of my previous beliefs just turned topsy-turvy, but I didn’t mind. I was looking at a bigger picture. If this is really food which can heal cancer in a natural way, and you can maintain your body healthy with this lifestyle, it is worth trying.
A little disclaimer: Today I don’t believe fruit or any other food can cure cancer, nor any other disease. I believe that only body can heal itself. But it can do it only if you stop harming your body with the wrong food and other harmful habits (stress, not enough sleep etc). Fruit is the easiest digestible food for human, so the body doesn’t spend much energy and time to deal with it. All the other food, including vegetable waste much more body energy than fruit.
After changing a diet I had even more energy, so my trainings were even better.

My background

I also need to tell you a little bit of my background. It is pretty personal, but I think you can understand me better if you hear this story.
When I was 12 years old my sister had only 8 years and she got a tumor in her brain. The doctors successfully cut it out. But afterward, she still needed to stay in a hospital to get other medical treatments. After 2 years of fighting, we, unfortunately, lost her. This marked our whole family big time. Parents started to work less and find new hobbies to enjoy life more. My mom became interested in spirituality and started meditating. My other younger sister and I started doubting religion and made some new conclusions. This is why I was also really concerned when I saw Miha taking so many drugs to stay “healthy”. I encouraged him into alternative medicine, but he didn’t believe a thing.
Because of the story mentioned above, I was really happy when I heard that Miha is gonna try fruitarian diet. I would rather change a lifestyle than watch him continue eating pills. So after two months of his fruitarian lifestyle, I joined him. It was just after I finished my internship in Germany and moved back to Slovenia. I also saw this lifestyle as an opportunity to get completely rid of my skin problems. I understood that this lifestyle is the most appropriate to maintain my health. Since I already lost a sister I knew how important it is to start taking care of your body and mental health already at a young age.
I happily joined Miha on raw vegan fruitarian journey.

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My bad habits, which I've been ignoring

I started respecting my health more. I found out that nothing is worth the cost of my health and that I also need to arrange many other aspects of my life. I was studying architecture. I was eager to become a great architect, so I was studying like crazy. Many times I was sleeping just 3-4 hours per night. That happened many nights in a row, as I was finishing projects. Sometimes it even ended up with no sleep before the last day. I never thought of the consequences of my sleepless behavior. I always thought that I am young and is not a big deal.
I also had many other unhealthy habits like drinking coffee. I was even smoking for some time and I was drinking alcohol occasionally. I was never really aware of how harmful all these habits were. I was surrounded by people who were doing the same, so I just accepted it as normal.
I was ignoring all the consequences which my body was showing me. When I was not sleeping enough I could fell asleep anywhere, I couldn’t think properly and after just 3 hours of sleep, I was all shaking. I was completely ignoring myself and my body, as I was focusing only on my career.

In my twenties, I was partying quite a lot. When I was drinking, hangover the next day was inevitable. But who cares? It was considered normal. But actually, it is not. I understand now, that my body was showing me the signals to stop. But obviously, I was too blind to notice all these signs and I was focusing only on pleasure. Never really thinking much of myself and my health in the future. 

Now I believe that unhealthy habits sooner or later bring consequences.

Improvements came with a new lifesyle

As I mentioned, the raw vegan fruitarian lifestyle opened my eyes. I started sleeping enough. I stopped using the alarm clock. I stopped with addictions – like coffee, cigarettes, and alcohol. I started hiking and continue practicing other sports which I liked. I learned that sun rays are not as harmful as they teach us and sun exposure is important. I tried eliminating stress as much as possible and started meditating more to keep my inner peace.
After some time my skin started improving, so I stopped using makeup. I became much more confident. Before this lifestyle, I was hiding behind my make up all the time. I couldn’t even imagine going outside the house without it. I didn’t like my appearance at all.

When I started a new lifestyle I was very impatient. I was expecting results to happen overnight. But this is not possible. Since I was not respecting my body for 23 years, the body needed to clean all the old toxins. So the changes can’t be so fast. But I was patient. After one year I saw some improvements in my skin. After three years I felt like I have a new face. This brought my confidence back and I am extremely grateful for that.
I became much more confident and started loving my body.

Mine and Miha's journey

At the beginning of this lifestyle, Miha and I came across many obstacles. At first, we thought we are the only raw vegans in Slovenia But soon we found out there are many more. After half a year we meet Kostja Makarovič, who became our coach. He has a lot of knowledge of raw vegan fruitarianism. Whenever we had any questions he got an answer. When we had a problem he had a solution. Before we met him, in the first 6 months, we were making a lot of mistakes. Without a coach I am 100% sure, we would not be so happy, healthy and successful raw vegan fruitarians as we are today.
We still made some mistakes later, because we didn’t understand Kostja’s point of view or wanted to try another way. We also had many limiting beliefs, which we had to solve on our own. But our path was definitely much easier with his knowledge and experiences.
This story could continue forever but I will stop it here. You can read more about our fruitarian and travel experiences on our blog.
I am extremely grateful for this lifestyle. I can see now, that being vegan is not so hard. That they don’t eat only lettuce. I am more aware of our environment. I understand that we all need to take responsibility for our actions in order to keep our planet alive. I love myself and I finally love my body. I am more peaceful and happy. I am continuing my spiritual path and I am learning every day.
Miha and I never thought life will bring us here. But since we were asked so many times for the advice and already helped many people, we started thinking to write our knowledge somewhere. So we decided to make this blog. That’s how even more people can benefit from our experiences.

Enjoy the reading of our blog and don’t be afraid to 
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