What means fruitarian? Difference between a fruitarian and raw vegan?

Who is fruitarian? What is the difference between fruitarian and raw vegan? Why do we call ourselves raw vegan fruitarians?

Fruitarian, raw vegan, vegan, vegetarian - EXPLAINED

We don’t think any diet is above or below another – it’s just a subset and usually, people transform in that order. But it’s not a must!

1. vegetarian – avoids meat, but still eat eggs, dairy and honey

2. vegan – avoids meat and all other animal products including milk, eggs, and honey. Also, they don’t wear leather or silk. 

3. raw vegan – same as vegans but without cooking. There are many ways of eating a raw vegan diet. 
Usually, a raw vegan diet consists of a lot of fats. More about that read below.

fruitarianlow-fat raw vegan. Eat simply just raw, unprocessed fruits. Rarely some vegetables, nuts, and seeds. Fruits usually represent 80% or more of all calorie intake.

5. liquidarian – someone who drinks only cold pressed juices. No fibers intake.

6. breatharian – no food or just a little. They don’t eat out of need, but just out of pleasure when they want.

Different ways of raw-veganism

There are many ways of eating a raw vegan diet. But mainly there are two:

high fat – gourmet. This style includes a lot of fats, cold-pressed oils, dehydration, and vegetables. A lot of preparation. Some people call this LCHF – low carb, high fat diet.

low fat – fruitarian. Diet consists mainly of fruits. This diet is also called HCLF – high carb, low fat, as it consists mainly of fruit sugar, which is the best carbohydrate. Sometimes also called the 80/10/10 diet. It represents 80% of calorie intake is from carbohydrate, 10% from protein and 10% from fat. 

If we need to fit in one diet, we would be in 80/10/10.

A fruitarian is a person who eats mainly just fruits. Uncooked and unprocessed. Some fruitarians live exclusively just of fruits. But the majority also eat some vegetables, nuts, and seeds. All of that must be raw. Fats should be up to 10% of calorie intake. Latter is us. We eat mainly just simple monomeals of fruits and sometimes some vegetables with seeds and nuts. From time to time, we also prepare some gourmet meals, but we keep it low fat. This is why we call ourselves raw vegan fruitarians. 
More about what and how we eat.

How fruitarianism changed us?

Raw vegan fruitarianism is not just a diet, it’s a lifestyle. At first, it was just a diet for us, but soon it became a lifestyle. We started to look differently on the planet. We found many new interests in different areas of life. We started to see so many new possibilities. Spirituality came into our consciousness. Simplicity and minimalism also.

We believe we will never go back to cooked vegan food. But we are very open to trying out breatharianism 🙂 We will see what time will bring. We are open-minded for something new 🙂

Comment below if you have any question or you disagree with anything we wrote…please tell us!

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