Fruitarian equipment for traveling

What is a must-have equipment for a raw vegan fruitarian? Especially when traveling!

Cutting pineapple while traveling
Cutting pineapple in nature.

MUST have's:

  • knife
  • spoon
  • plate
  • containers
Equipment which we always have with us, to travel around as digital nomads.

KNIFE with a blade cover

It’s really a must-have! 

We prefer a ceramic knife over stainless steel. Usually, ceramic knives are sold with a blade cover included, so you can store them more conveniently.

Benefits of a ceramic knife
The most important benefit of a ceramic knife for us is that they don’t leave a “metal taste” on fruits. Most people don’t sense it, because they got used to it. But we stopped using steel knives at first because they will not transfer ions from the blade surface. Steel knives leave ions, which results in faster oxidation. For instance, apple or avocado gets brown much slower when sliced with a ceramic knife. Another great benefit is they stay sharper for a long time. They are easier to handle because they are much lighter.

On the other side, the biggest downside is that they may break if you twist the knife. Likewise, the blade may break if the knife is dropped. So you need to be more careful.

Back in Slovenia, each of us had a smaller knife – around 8 cm (3″) long blade for cutting fruits and vegetables, and one bigger 18 cm (7″) knife for bigger ones. All of them were the highest quality from Kyocera, but now for traveling, we use cheaper knives for around 10-20 USD so we don’t worry so much as those Kyocera are around 80 USD each.


Is another must-have for many fruits.

We use the spoon for eating watermelon, mango, pitaya, melons, avocado, papaya, prickly pear and more.

We use only wooden spoons because the “metal taste” from steel is so strange to us. They are custom made in Slovenia by a guy who makes wooden cutlery. It is a copy of Thai spoon, which shape we prefer the most. A very important difference over a standard spoon is, that it has a “sharp” edge, so it cuts easily in fruit.

How long does a wooden cutlery last?
Miha has the same spoon for almost 3 years already. Got it for a present from Sandra for my 27th birthday in 2015. It’s still in perfect condition.
Sandra, unfortunately, lost her first spoon in Thailand in 2018. So now she uses a reserve one.

Our favorite way to eat a mango is with a spoon.


A plate is optional but comes very convenient when traveling.

We use plastic ones which are very light and durable. Our first plates lasted for 4 years of frequent usage. Now we changed them for the same reason, as people change cutting boards – the surface got so many signs of wear, that it became unappealing to eat from. We can’t imagine eating a mango without a plate, where we put halves to. Or where to cut pineapples? On plates! 🙂

Plates are extremely handy while eating on the road.


A food container is another very handy thing. Again it is optional, but to be honest – how to put ripe, soft mangoes along with other stuff in the backpack and carry them home? They get bruised or even worse – damaged and the mango juice goes all over the backpack. No thanks 🙂

Containers are useful to make some kind of a barrier or divider in your backpack. When we go on the market and buy few watermelons, mangoes, papaya – how to store that in a backpack? We put watermelons on the bottom. On that, we put a container full of mangoes to make a divider and on top, we put papaya without a container.

Containers are lightweight and they can be stacked together so they really don’t take much space when they are empty. After almost 1 year of traveling, we know we will take them with us on our next trip.

Soft tomatoes (or any other soft fruits) can be easily packed with other fruits if you use a container.

Other than these, we don’t have anything else specialized equipment for fruitarians. We are minimalists, so we take just things that are really important to us. At home, we also have a blender and dehydrator, which we use occasionally.

What more do you use for traveling? Comment below…

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