What & how we eat? Our meals in a day and our calorie intake on a raw vegan fruitarian diet

Our meal plan on a raw vegan fruitarian diet? How much we eat? What do we eat? Also when we eat? Food combining on a raw vegan fruitarian diet. 

Our meals in a day

We eat when we feel hunger. We listen to our body.

But sure, people build up habits. So did we. We usually eat two times per day. Sometimes we feel like we need to add a third meal of vegetables.

First meal is around 10 am-12 pm. Second at 3-5 pm.
Vegetables somewhere in between – around 1-2 pm. Only the days we feel that we want to add a vegetable meal.

For the first meal, we most often like something juicier, while for the second we tend to like something sweeter.

For instance, the first meal is usually watermelon, pitaya, tangerines, oranges, melon, pineapple.
The second meal is mango, durian, peaches, figs, persimmon, lychee.

Figs for dinner.

But those are not the rules, it’s just guidelines. For every meal, we ask ourselves what we want to eat. Of course, we choose what is seasonal, local and easily available.

Variability of our meal plan
Occasionally we want to eat vegetables for the first meal. Sometimes we even eat only one meal a day. We always ask ourselves what we want or need. If we don’t know what, then we are not hungry yet. 🙂 We wait for instance for another hour until we know what we want.

When do we add a vegetable meal? What vegetables do we eat?

There are times when we eat vegetables every day and there are times when we don’t even think of eating one tomato for a whole month. Again, we are asking our body what it needs. And as we learned how to do it, it actually gives us an answer. 😉 Learning how to listen to your body usually takes time. Majority of us have completely disconnected from our body.

What vegetables do we eat?

A vegetable meal is most often containing a lettuce, tomatoes, and avocado or some seeds. Sometimes cucumbers, peppers, zucchini. Other than that is very rare.

Vegetable meal in Thailand, where lettuce is less common - sunflower sprouts and tomato.

Food combining and monomeals

In 99% we eat mono meals. What is a mono meal? It means eating just ONE kind of fruit in one meal. We don’t combine different fruits in one meal. When we decide for peaches, we don’t finish them and then add some figs.

Why don’t we combine different fruits in one meal?

Because when we want to eat mangoes, we eat just mangoes. Why add some banana? We eat until we are satiated. Being satiated or satisfied means that you don’t want to eat anymore. You have enough. Combining different fruits is not only harder for your body to digest, but also you tend to eat more. When we finish eating one fruit, and we try another one, we can easily continue eating another one.
And then it becomes overeating.

Monomeal of papayas for one meal.

Calorie intake - how much?

We never counted calories we ate. We never weight how much we eat. We don’t set an amount in advance how much we should eat. Sometimes we eat 3 mangoes, sometimes we eat 6 mangoes. Depends on our needs.

We did measure amounts few times just of curiosity. We usually eat
1-2 kg (2-4.5 lb) of fruit in one meal per person. Net amount – without waste.

In one meal, per person, for instance, we eat 2 kg (4.5 lb) watermelon or 1-1,5 kg (2-3 lb) persimmon or 1,5 kg (3 lb) peaches or 1-1,5 kg (2-3 lb) papaya. Edible amount – without waste.

We believe we eat around 1500 calories per day. Sometimes over 2000, while sometimes just 1000 or less. Every day is different. But we don’t measure. Listening to our body works way better than counting calories. Even when we were intentionally losing weight, we didn’t count the calories.

But when we started with raw vegan fruitarianism we were combining a lot, eating very small amounts in one meal and many times per day. Miha even had 15 meals per day. We were learning. Miha wrote more about that in his about post 

Our equipment for eating

What equipment we are using for eating when traveling you can check out here.

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