Social difficulties of changing a diet

Are you worried how you will handle your social life with a new diet? Many people want to change the diet, but they see only problems doing it. How to eat with friends? How to have a meal at work? What about family get-togethers? Here is what we do…

Diet shouldn't be seen as an difficulty

We never saw our diet as an obstacle to socializing with others. We always found a solution.

Even at the beginning, when Miha was eating 
15 meals a day.  Half of that daily amount of meals, Miha ate at his job. He carried them all prepared and packed in containers. Miha was preparing fruits every evening, put them in the refrigerator overnight. That way they lasted all day long without getting bad.
It was annoying to prepare so many meals of fruits every evening. At that time, Miha didn’t know better and easier way to be a raw vegan fruitarian. Coworkers were laughing at him, but Miha didn’t care much. He knew WHY he is doing it. He put himself first and didn’t mind the others. He just wanted to be healthy, and he was ready to do whatever it takes.

Always know your WHY – Why you are doing it?!
And put YOURSELF in the FIRST place. 

Soon after that, we moved together in a rented apartment. We found a perfect one just across the street of Miha’s job. We were so grateful for that. As we were eating just two meals per day, Miha didn’t have to carry any food with him to work. He always came home to eat the first meal at around 12 pm. And the second meal we ate after he got from work at around 5 pm. More about how we eat in a day.

At that time Sandra was studying architecture and had a different schedule every day. Some days she could eat at home, while others she had to carry one meal with her.

It all depends what you focus on. Do you focus on minus that you need to think of your food in advance?  We focus on a big PLUSBeing healthy and happy is more important to us!

Family gatherins or dinner with friends?

The first few meetings are harder. They can be a little awkward. But if family or friends love you, they will support you and accept your change for the better. At least they shouldn’t limit you or in any kind force you otherwise. If they can’t accept your change, they are not your genuine friends. The only problem is when people don’t know anything about your new diet or nutrition at all. In that case, they will become the most enthusiastic nutritionists full of advices against your new diet. 🙂

What to do when you are invited to family gatherings and you have a new diet?

1. Option
We eat at home and we are not hungry there. We just don’t eat with them. Family or friends gathering should be about socializing, not just eating. We like to talk and hang out with family and friends. It is not obligatory to eat with them. Most of the times when someone invites us to family lunch, we come 1 hour later than invited, so they already finished eating and we can talk to them after they finished lunch. 🙂 Sometimes people are offended and don’t understand you. The first few times is harder, but later it becomes totally normal and acceptable.

2. Option
We prepare raw vegan deserts which we eat for a meal with them. They are usually very interested in what we are eating, so we always need to prepare more than we eat. We love to share. It’s the easiest way to spread awareness of how delicious a raw vegan diet can be. 🙂

Birthday gift for Miha's mum and our dinner to which we added fresh fruit dressing.

3. Option
We bring fruit for ourselves. People always love some delicious ripe fruits, so don’t forget to bring some extra for sharing with other people. 😉

A crate of local figs for us two and a sweet snack for others.

4. Option
Going to a restaurant. When we had our wedding, we booked a place in a vegan restaurant. We asked for an allowance to bring fruit for ourselves. They were happy to serve us the cherimoyas which we bring with us. Others were eating cooked vegan dishes. That way we could all enjoy a meal together.

Another example is our fruitarian friend who goes regularly to a restaurant with her friends. She always brings her fruit with her and they never complicate. People are open and happy to help. Just tell the truth and ask for permission.

5. Option
We don’t like to sit for X hours drinking coffee, which we don’t drink anyway. We are active persons, so we propose to our friends that we go for a walk instead. One hour walk in a park makes everyone a lot happier, than just sitting on a chair. It is scientifically proven, that taking a walk helps to boost your mood. We already sit all day long at work. We need to move more. We are designed to move! Many times we also take our friends on a weekend hike. Or a cycle tour. Unlimited possibilities.

6. Option
There is always an option to skip one meal. You will eat later or even tomorrow. You can survive without eating one meal. 😉

Why we take care of our food by ourselves at gathrings?

Many times we were served by others in the past. But maybe we had enjoyed just once. People simply don’t understand what means that we eat seasonal, ripe and we don’t combine different fruits in one meal.

If you let others serve you fruit – you have two options:
First is for instance that you eat melons they provided in the middle of the winter (totally not in season and imported from far far away). They taste like nothing. But what to do? Eat unripe fruits which are not healthy and can cause some digestive problems?
Second option is to tell them those melons are totally not in season and they are not ripe.
Both cases are awkward and unpleasant for anyone. Similar situations happened to us numerous times. We don’t blame them. Before we became raw vegan fruitarians, we didn’t know what is seasonal and local either. We want to make it simple for us and the host. 
This is why we take care of our food on our own. Just focus on searching for a solution and you will succeed.

It gets simple with time

When you change your diet and habits, at first everyone have unlimited questions and doubts. They are seriously afraid, that you will die from eating a diet they are not familiar with it. Not to mention the best question ever – “Where do you get your proteins from?” 🙂 At the beginning, you can get annoyed with them. But again, it gets easy with time. When people are asking and warning us of eating just fruits – we always evaluate if the person just wants to be a smartass and pump his/her ego. In that case, we just ignore and smile nicely to them. But more and more people are really interested in a new knowledge. In that situation, we love to answer all the questions and help them. You never know when you talk to someone who is seeking for information on how to become a healthy again. 🙂

Do you focus on solutions or obstacles? Do you have any other solution?

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