Why many fruitarians fail?

If we are designed to eat fruits, vegetables, and nuts, why so many people fail on a raw vegan fruitarian diet? Why some start eating supplements and later stop being a fruitarian? In worst case, they even start promoting that fruitarianism is not healthy or even not safe. Why it happens and how to get it under your control?
In 5 years being fruitarian (from 2013) we learned a lot. Thanks to coaches, friends, mentors, YouTubers and book authors.
But at the end, we believe our own body is the best and only teacher.
After all this knowledge, we were still asking ourselves: “If we are designed to eat fruits, vegetables, and nuts, why so many people fail on a raw vegan fruitarian diet?”
After all those years, many struggles and doubts. Sometimes even we have been asking ourselves: “How we are not feeling perfect if we eat what we are designed for?”
More info why we believe that our body is designed to be frugivores read here.
We believe we found the main reason. People get deficient in different nutrients. Some vitamin, others mineral deficiency. But still – how if fruit and vegetables are so rich in vitamins and minerals?
OVEREATING is the reason. Many fruitarians overeat because they don’t know how to listen to their body needs. They eat out of emotions, stress, and other kinds of escaping difficult situations. Overeating causes too much stress on digestion and that way, all the vitamins, and minerals just go out of your body, not properly digested and absorbed.

At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is how much you ABSORBED, not how much you ate.

Don’t you think that we didn’t make all those mistakes! We did! We have been overeating A LOT! Feeling “pregnant” almost every day for almost a year. We were searching for a reason why this is happening. At this time we were (and still are) eating mono meals which means we eat only one fruit in one meal. So no combining problems. But still, digestion was bad. Absorption also.
And then we started to notice what we are doing wrong, started to observe why we eat so much. Today when we look at some older picture how much we ate for one meal, we are shocked.
Just an example: before, we ate together 10kg watermelon for one meal. Now we eat 4kg watermelon together. We eat 2-3 times per day.
But even after 10kg, we were not satisfied. We wanted more, but we felt like we will explode because of too much volume. Where this came from? From overeating for a long period of time.
First, we needed to find a reason why we think we need so much food?
Here you can read more about overeating and what causes it. You can also find our solution to prevent or stop overeating.
We are still not perfect. We still have days when we would just eat, eat, eat. But we observe ourselves. Our thoughts, our needs. And we try to limit it as soon as possible. But nowadays it happens very rarely.
Many fruitarian influencers are promoting huge amounts of fruit and people follow them. They have a lot of followers so they must be trustworthy, they think. But the reality is far from that. Most of them start promoting supplements and other superfoods. This means they have some kind of deficiency. We don’t use any supplements or any other superfood. We trust our body that if we take good care of it, it will be able to take care of itself. Otherwise, it will tell us if there will be a need for anything else.
But when you search the internet, you can always find what you want to find. There are breatharians who don’t eat or really small amounts and there are some people who eat 5.000 calories or even more per day and feel great. There are also people who feel great on a ketogenic diet (eating 80% fat).
If you forget your disbelief for anyone mentioned above – how can they survive? Some people are eating nothing, some too much. While others eat totally different food than the one we have been designed for.
The most important is your mind! What you think and believe it will happen. But this topic is for another time 🙂

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We are Sandra & Miha – a married couple, who is raw vegan fruitarian since 2013, when we came across knowledge that you can live only on fruit. At that mindblowing idea, we started questioning everything that we knew and experimenting on our own. This is why our blog is named Fruit journey – it all started with fruit and now we are reaping the fruits.

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