Why people are designed to eat fruit based diet?

We believe that all humans are designed to naturally eat fruits. Our anatomy and physiology have not changed or in any kind adopted because we are eating a lot of animal products last decade. Our body shows that we are still frugivores.
DISCLAIMER: We don’t want to force our opinion to anyone, but we want to show you simple biology here.
A simple explanation of why humans are frugivores:
Picture taken from https://www.werone.co/images/05_Humans_Are_Frugivores_750.jpg
We believe that we are designed to live in a tropical weather, where there is an abundance of fruit all year long. But people wanted to colonize the world and this is why they needed to adopt. They started to cultivate grains and hunt animals. People are very resourceful. But not always smart. 
Today we have transport and you can be raw vegan fruitarian wherever you want. And if you want to eat locally, there are many places in our world which are abundant with fruit.
Last years people are eating more and more animal products and at the same time every year there are more and more diseases. Cancer and cardiovascular disease are on the rise. Food is not the only reason, but a big part for sure.
Our focus is on the healthy part, not sickness. So apart from eating healthy, we also take care of our body with exercising, eliminating stress, we are spending a lot of the time in nature and catching sun rays.
We don’t want to reinvent the wheel, so if you want to know more, here is the article with a lot more information about why we are frugivores. 

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We are Sandra & Miha – a married couple, who is raw vegan fruitarian since 2013, when we came across knowledge that you can live only on fruit. At that mindblowing idea, we started questioning everything that we knew and experimenting on our own. This is why our blog is named Fruit journey – it all started with fruit and now we are reaping the fruits.

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